Monday, December 10, 2007

Introducing Welly Boot

I'm not sure if I have ever mentioned this before, but Dave's folks have a little (12oo tree lol)Olive Grove Just outside of Donnybrook here in WA. The trees are now three or four years old and we had our second harvest earlier this year. Last year we managed about 22 litres of extra virgin olive oil - which was hardly enough for our personal use! This year we harvested over 200 litres, which has given us a few bottles to sell.

Anyway, long story short, this weekend was our first festival peddling our wares. The outlaws and I made the two hour treck to Manjimup for the Cherry Harmony Festival. We had oil and Dukka (dipping concoction made from nuts, seeds and spices), to sell to the masses. The Dukka in particular seemed to go down a treat - we sold out just after lunch.

My MIL Pat, Me and Ed

The highlight of the day though was meeting "Fast" Ed from Better Homes and Gardens. Firstly we decided he could not possibly be serious using cheap supermarket brand oil for his cooking demos, so I convinced my MIL to give him a bottle of Welly Boot before someone else got in - which I might add, he used for the remainder of the day. So it can't be too bad then. He was also very complimentary about our oil and Dukka. I made a bitl of a gooses of myself though. Ed was tasting the Dukka and asked if I had ever tried Nigella. Thinking of Domestic Goddess Nigella Lawson I said "Of course, I watch her all the time". He politely smiled and said "Oh, not the chef - I mean the spice Nigella - It's black cumin". He then went on to expound upon the delights of this most exotic spice, chivalrously ignoring the rising colour in my cheeks. I'm over it now - almost.ROFL

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Another Pic

Here is another pic of my cuties that I took yesterday at nana's. Couldn't help myself. Hope you're not getting bored looking at my kids. Too bad if you are really!ROFL.

Click on image for larger view
I should have some scrapping stuff to share soon. I am hoping to get some done while the kids are napping today. Fingers crossed.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Photo Share

So you know I can't resist now that the camera is back. Here are the kids enjoying a summertime tradition. Watermelon in the back yard - You didn't expect I would let the messy little b***ers eat it inside now did you?LOL.

Click image for larger view
That's it for now. Take care

Thursday, November 22, 2007

My Baby's Back

Yes after three excruciatingly long weeks, I have my camera back! And the best news of all is that we only had to pay for the postage. What a relief. So how did I choose to celebrate the return of my precious angel? Why I took a photo of the kids . . . while still in Camera House!LOL! So here it is in it's unedited state (blown out flash and all). And you know what? I don't care, I'm just so happy to have it back.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And the next thing I photographed? Scrapping projects! I'm so So I can share a sneak peak of the christmas projects I have now completed for Jenny at Really Just Ribbons.

Click on Image for larger View

Peaked your interest? Check back on Jenny's RJR Blog for mine and the other very talented DT Members Christmas Projects.

In other scrapping news, I have two school holiday kids class prototypes to do for 2 Devils, as well as two OTP projects and a LO waiting in the wings for "grown ups" classes too. I seriously can't wait to get started on those. Too fun!

Well, I can't sit around to chat. I need to get a good night's sleep for a full day of house cleaning tomorrow. JOY! (Note the sarcastic

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. I can attest to that, and so with my love affair with my camera rekindled, no doubt I will have more pics to share very soon. Stay Tuned!

Monday, November 5, 2007


I have spent today cleaning the house. Feels good to be more organised, things were a bit out of control for a while, but I think we are back on top now. I always feel like I have "earned" my scrap time when the house is clean and tidy.

Good news on the camera front. It seems that it could be a fault with that particular model so *fingers crossed* NIKON are going to fix it free of charge. What a relief. Part of me is slightly disappointed though as I was thinking we might get a new digital SLR. Oh well, swings and roundabouts I guess.

I have been scrapping like a mad woman this weekend. I did my stitching scraps class at 2D's on friday, and the girls (in the class) wanted something else to do for this week. We quickly put a pack together and I will be teaching again this Friday. While I was there though, Jody threw a few things my way, and we decided to do an altered canvas class in November. I just couldn't wait though, so this is what I came up with

(So in the absence of a camera, the following images have been scanned, flipped, stitched etc. Apologies for the quality, but it is definately better than nothing.)

Click on the thumbnail for a larger view

I want to add a large page dresser/flourish to the bottom left hand corner that will reach up to the flower, and also a title. But I will have to plead my case with the girls at 2D'

Now, if anyone from the S4L forum is reading this - Yes I cheated!!! I used this for my "Metal Embellishment" challenge too. Hey! There's nothing wrong with multi-tasking. Is there????

Speaking of which we had our own "Cyber Retreat" this weekend at S4L while the girls were at the real retreat in Redland Bay. We had a great time doing the challenges. Here are my other offerings:

Click on the thumbnail for a larger view

This one feels like it needs more somehow, but I just can't put my finger on it. Any suggestions?

Click on the thumbnail for a larger view

And this one I absolutely love!
Little Gracie asleep on the office chair watching the Wiggles. The papers are Cosmo Cricket (from Scrappin' Bitz), and even more gorgeous than they appear in the pic.

I have also completed a project for Rochelle at Embellishbits since my last post. Here is a pic, and the kits are on sale now.

So now it is on to my DT project for RJR. I was blown ayay by how much stuff we received! Great Kaiser products and some of the most gorgeous Christmas ribbon I have ever had my hands on. Thanks Jenny!

Well, still a bit of washing to do and then dinner.

Take Care

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Fancy a Chuckle?

Here is a clip I found on Emily Falconbriges blog. What a crack up. I was so impressed by Mick's (I mean David Attenborough's) knowledge of all the proper terminoligy. That's Emily's Hubby btw. And what an amazing space. I was overjoyed to see that her scrap area is almost bigger than the kitchen. That's the way it ought to be!

Thanks for letting us into your home Falcos - and for the laugh.


So I went to my girlfriend Kelly's place on Friday morning to take some pics of their four week old twin baby boys. And would you believe it MY CAMERA IS STUFFED!!!! I tried to call NIKON in Sydney, to seee if it was someting that could be fixed over the phone, but kept getting a voicemail.
I am not hopeful though, as it seems fairly serious. When you look through the viewfinder it is just totally black -as though the lens cap is on, only it's not . . . .
Why do these things always happen on the weekend?
I am totally devestated. Can't shoot, can't upload! UUUuuuuuggghh! My life is over!

Not sure what our next move is here. There is no NIKON service centre here in Bunbury, so we will have to take it to Perth. That could be weeks from now. I am trying not to cry.

So here are some pics from Thursday:

The dogs had their summer clips on Tuesday. That's ^BANJO ^. Always big smiles from him for the camera.And here's ^MOLLY^. I think I caught her pre-woof!lol. Cos she looks like she is about to kiss the camera!

Alright, I am off to mope some more about the camera.

Take care

Monday, October 22, 2007

No Promises!

I'm on a roll, but I can't promise to regularly make two posts in the space of a week. I just had to share my latest project for 2 Devils. This one is for a "next step" or techniques class rather than beginners. SO I have gone for the good old trusty Stitching Scraps technique. A bit wierd ripping up brand new paper for this as it is supposed to be a way to use up your little scraps - but heaps of fun all the same.
Here is a close up of the flower embellishments. I am wrapped with how these turned out. They are just collections chipboard flowers with a coat of MM paint. Then I have used a clear embossing powder to give the glossy finish. The brads are Queen & Co.I rarely use embellishments that are different colours to what is in the PP, but I am really happy with the way the burnt orange looks.
My next project is for Rochelle at Embellishbits. A Christmassy themed one, so stay tuned for some sneak peeks.

And finally - Here is what happens when you turn on the shower and don't undress your two-year-old before taking the three-year-old to the toilet! She had heaps of fun though!

Take Care

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Yeah . . . I know

So I'll get all the cliches out of the way first. Where has the time gone? I've just beeen so busy. I kept meaning to update my blog. I can't belive how fast this month has gone, can you belive it has been 38 days since my last post? Have I missed any?lol.

Right, that's done now onto the sharing. I have been a pretty busy little scrapper this month. Fistly I had three kids classes at 2 Devils during the school holidays. It was actually a lot of fun and the kids were great. Here are the projects we did.

A couple of things I have learned from the kids classes:
  • Adults should ALWAYS apply glue - children then stick the element in place!
  • There is a HUGE difference between a 7 year old's and my opinion of "a little bit of ink"!
  • It is a BAD idea to place a bowl of lollies on the table!
  • And finally - Kids a really sweet (I received three handmade cards 1 . . . 2 . . . 3 AAaawwww)

Next! Here is a LO I did for Rochelle at Embellishbits using the Buzz & Bloom callouts.

If I am honest I really didn't have any idea of what to do with them at firs, but I remembered that I had a very chatty 21 month old. And so it just seemed to fit that I did a LO of all the words she was saying at the time (80+ by the way - and I am sure she has added about 80 more in the last month).

I have finally got around to joining in the challenges at Scrappin' Bitz again. It seems like an eternity! SO here is my latest offering for the kit cahallenge.

It's a bit of a departure from my usual style, but I seemed to fit the one small photo vs 12x12.

Then of course there is my Really Just Ribbons DT work. What a joy this was. Some fanatastic "not ribbon" stuff came with our goodie this time. Check these out!

The Ribbon (of course) bling, big white flowers and adhhesive tape for these projects were all from Jenny. Oooh what fun!

Now my S4L stuff. Here is my September project. It is a mini-album that I made for Grace I have laminated the pages, so she can actually play with it.

And I have saved the best for last. It was my turn to do the Monthly Scrap Pack for S4L this month. Now, as the Newsletter hasn't come out yet, I can only give a sneak peek. Here it is:

Can't wait to share the rest of the projects. I will have to wait until the beginning of Novemeber though. So looking back at all this work, I think I am going to give myself a break for not blogging as regulalry as I could have . . . . I'm exhausted!

Take Care

Monday, September 10, 2007

Someone is Smiling on Me

I can't believe it is nearly two weeks since my last post! I must be keeping busy. Ain't that the truth?

After Tuesday Club last week, I went into a brand new LSS (only open two weeks) to get some supplies for this week's class. Got chatting to the girls and they offered me a job teaching! I am stoked, I can't think of anything better! So I teach my first class on the 21st of this month. I can't wait! Here is a pic of the LO we will be doing. It is a beginners class, so I have tried to cover a few techniques:

I have borrowed Ruth's Cuttlebug while she is in Tassie (that's why I am doing the Tuesday Club classes). What an incredible little contraption! Those felt letters were done on it. A tip though - they are very fiddly, so I suggest mounting the felt on a thin piece of chippy before running through the Cuttlebug.

I will share the TC LO when it is finished. I have a couple of steps that I am actually going to do in the class. It is a BOY LO though which was fun. I seem to have been doing a lot of girly stuff lately.

So on with the busy story. I applied for a nightfill position at our local Coles Supermarket a couple of months back. Just wanted a bit of fun money and the hours are perfect. Anyway, they called on on Tuesday to arrange an intervew for Thursday. Long story short - I got that position too. It will take a few weeks with the lengthy induction process. Suits me though as I can organise my life! Not sure how I will go with the physical work and late nights, but I am looking forward to the challenge.

I have also been doing some scrapping for RJR and expecting my Monthly Scrap Pack from S4L any minute now. Busy, busy, busy! Just the way I like it.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Forgot to Share . . .

I knew I forgot something! Here is the last LO I did. It is for a beginners class I am teaching on Tuesday. I am pretty happy with it, though I would have adde machine stitching inking and a few more embellishments, but I thought it best to keep it simple. The colours are a little different for me too.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I'm Baaaack!

I started writing this post 8 days ago, so I thought I had better get on with it. I have a couple of things I can share now. Here is the finished product from the class with gorgeous and talented Maxine Hazebroek. Isn't it beautiful?! I can't stop looking at it!

I am so inspred by the use of the cuttlebug in this class that:

A} I am going to buy one! and

B} While I am waiting for finances and delivery, I am going to borrow a friend's for my October Monthly Scrap Pack at Scrapbooking 4 Less. Oooh I can't wait to get my hands on it!

OK, then ther is my stuff from the Really Just Ribbons DT for August (I know, it's a bit late!). But here it is anyway. We got to have a play with Ribbon Stiff. What a great product! I should mention that it also has uses as a paper stiffner (not sure if you can make out the butterflies in the MH mini album, but I used Ribbon Stiff for those too) And for adding body to paper flowers (such as prima)! Very versatile!

Drama Queen Double LO


Family Frame

Well, that's about it. I will have some Scrapbooking 4 Less stuff I can share really soon.

See ya round!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Bad Blogger . . . BAD!

Yes . . . I know . . . I have been very slack! What is the reason for my long absence? Simply put - Creative Constipation! I know it sounds crass and terrible, but I really have been all blocked up LOL.

I think there have been a few factors. Just dealing with all the day-to-day doldrums of family life - it was getting to me. Washing, cleaning, paying bills and bills and bills. It is hard to feel creative when you have a negative scrapbooking budget!
Maybe the weather too - I love the rain, but with little kids inside all day I think I tend to get "Cabin Fever".

Then there is the feeling of having to get creative. When you have a deadline pushing you and you want to create something you will be proud of. It can be a bit tough. Now don't get me wrong. I am definately not complaining! I love the positions that I hold for S4L & RJR.

So anyway, I have come out the other end (pardon the pun ROFLOL) of rather a dark patch - creatively speaking and am looking forward to a whole new day. I wonder if the sunshine outside has anything to do with it?

Or it could be the fact that I am heading to Perth tomorrow with a couple of my scrap-buddies for a class with Maxine Hazebroek? I think so. I am so excited. Here is a sneak peek of what we will be making. Should mention that I have taken this pic from the Scraptivate site.

Isn't it beautiful. I can't wait!

We have a new challenge set up at S4L. It is a Monthly DT Pack Challenge. Basically you need to buy a DT Pack from the online shop. Do a Layout/OTP project and upload a pic to the album. There will be a public vote, and the winner will receive their next month's pack for free! Click Here for all the details.

I really feel I have my Mojo back and I can't wait to get cracking on a new project.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

It's A Kinda Magic

I went to ground this weekend . . . what with the release of Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows, I just could not tear myself away. I don't consider myself to be a fast reader, but I started reading the book on Saturday morning around 10:00am, and had it finished by 11:00am Monday. I could not put it down. Well, except for my S4L DT class of course! lol.

That was great too. I had a ball. I was teaching the Advent Calendar Class for S4L. The ladies in that group are just awesome, and very talented too. They had some great results. So, of course I can now reveal the finished product. Tah Daaah!

If anyone still wants to make one, I think that Shelley only has one kit left in the online shop. But she may be able to get more in.

Yesterday I also received my Secret Santa Swap gift, and my RJR July DT kit. I am going to be busy!

Grace has just woken up, so I will upload some more pics later (when I have taken them!lol!)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Secrets Revealed!

I can FINALLY reveal some of the secret scrapping I have been doing over the last couple of months. Here are my projects for RJR. I had such a blast with this colour scheme. It was so completely out of my comfort zone. So drum roll please . . . . (who on earth am I talking too????roflol)
<-------- A birthday card for my friend Vikki from Scrappin Bitz. Just happened that I needed another project, and it was her birthday . . . . lol

I tried to use a bunch'o'ribbon on this LO without it being overwhelming. Poor Henry - he really was a chubby boy wasn't he? ------------------>

<----------And finally, a box mini-album. I gave this one to my MIL. These photos are favourites of mine too. In fact until just before I did this project, I thought that I had lost them, but found them on a disk. PHEW!!!
Well, that is about all I can reveal at this stage. Don't forget to check ou the work of the very talented RJR design team at the RJR Blog. As well as the great new range of Bella Ribbon Cards.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Time to Celebrate

We attended a wedding this weekend in Yalingup – in the heart of WA’s Margaret River wine region. Probably the best I have ever been to (apart from my own of course). For a start, the location was stunning. We stayed at very modern cottages at a nearby vineyard (without the children!). Absolutely stunning. And the actual venue was a sight to behold. A purpose built function centre, but with very modern styling, an open fireplace, soft comfortable furnishings, overlooking a man-made lake.

It was also a very intimate affair with only around 40 guests in total. The readings were also very special. One was a poem that the Groom had written not long after meeting the Bride. The second a poem written by a close friend for the occasion of the wedding. So much more meaningful than an arbitrary verse from a book or even scripture.

The seating arrangements were very different too. We didn’t sit next to our partners, but rather given mystery dinner partners for the evening. I found this to be a great way to get out of my comfort zone, and really get to know some new people.

The speeches were heartfelt and just the right length. In fact the mother of the bride had the whole place in tears.

Fantastic food, fantastic wine and great company. It really was a priveledge to be included in such a special event.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Is the Universe Against Me?

So, if you thought I had been quiet over the last few days, you are absolutely right! Let me tell you what I had to go through to finish the last project for the Scrapbooking Masters 2007.

Sunday 1st July: DH takes my car to the shops in the afternoon. When he gets back he says that he thinks there is something wrong with the car. Didn't seem to want to start. He manages to get it into the garage though.

Monday 2nd July: Tried the car in the morning luckily before putting the kids is to go to do the shopping. DEAD AS A DOORNAIL! Called Ford. They think it is the battery, but should be able to jump start it they say. That night our very kind neighbour comes over to help DH jump it - while our dinner guests wait patiently inside! It starts! 20 minutes later I excuse myself so I can take the car (and Grace!) for adrive around, as instructed. Once back in the garage, I hesitantly turn the engine off, and try to start it again - NOTHING! Dh assures me he will get a battery in town tomorrow and fit it when he gets home in the evening.

Tuesday 3rd July: DH announces that he is taking the computer to work to reformat the hard-drive (meaning he is going to wipe the lot and start again.) "OK" I say, "Can you do it tomorrow so that I can get all the photos organised the mini-album". He assures me that I will have the computer back tomorrow. OK, so now no computer and no car! Desperate times call for desperate measures. I am not waiting for a second longer for that b#$%*y car to get fixed. I call for the mobile mechanic and the car is fixed instantly! YAY! Not in time to get to Tuesday Club though. OH, and no computer when DH gets home either. I will have to wait another day.

Wednesday 4th July: DH brings the computer home in the evening, but needs to reload all the software. This takes all night. OK - tomorrow I can get the photos I need right? I still have over a week before the masters entry needs to go in.

Thursday 5th July: I set up the external hardrive that DH backed up our old computer on, and have a poke around to find what I am looking for. Ummmm, where are all my photos? I ring DH at work and ask him exactly what did he save? The folder called digital photos. Oh - so not the folder called My Pictures? OMG!!!!!! They're gone! Not just the photos I needed for the mini-album but all the photos we have taken in the last six months have gone! And do you know what DH said when I used a few choice words? "It's not like someone has died" - NO, Not yet! I trust you fellow scrapbookers understand how I felt.

Right, so now I have to set about re-taking the photos I need for the mini album, and try to forget about all the rest of the precious pics.

Monday 9th July: Cut DH’s hair in the morning, took some photos.
Not a bad result!
Got them edited and stored on DH’s thumb drive. Finally organised, we get to Big W to print them off and wouldn’t you know it – none of Big W’s machines will read the thumb drive. No problem, we will go to Kodak in the same centre. Only we have to wait for the machine. That’s alright; it can’t be more than a couple of minutes, right – wrong! The only machine with a USB port is being used by some lady that “still has another couple of hundred photos to go through”. That’s fine, we take the kids to Maccas for lunch and Dave runs back to Kodak a few minutes later to collect the photos.

So that night I go off to the scrap room after dinner to buckle down, oh so conscious of the time ticking away before the deadline. I trim up the photos and to my utter horror realize that I have mad a terrible mistake when resizing them. They are too big for the mini-album I have made. What to do?! Well there is nothing for it – I will have to resize them properly and reprint them in the morning.

Tuesday 10th July: Finally!!! All the problems are sorted and I can get to work. Thanks to the support of my DH, I was able to get a solid start in the afternoon, cook dinner, put the kids to bed and get back to it. Worked solidly through the night, feeling my concentration slipping away I checked my watch – 1am – that might explain it. I crawled into bed.

Wednesday 11th July: D-Day. This project must be completed, photographed, burned to disk and express posted to Sydney today if there is any chance of making the Friday deadline. Thanks to my Drill Sergeant, babysitter and coach (DH) I finally get the album finished and photographed, only to have the computer (the one that has just been reformatted!) freeze up about a thousand times while trying to edit and burn the photos to disk. I race down to the post office and get the entry sent off with about 15 minutes to spare. Phew!!!!???

Now, at the risk of sounding terribly dramatic, but all this while fighting a chest cold over the weekend and entertaining two sets of visitors on the Saturday, delivering and collecting AVON brochures, and putting in an AVON order. Oh, and I managed to get my S4L recipe swap cards done and posted in there somewhere too!

Does anyone else need a stiff drink???

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Mastering the Art

I am well on the way to completing my Masters projects. I know it is a long shot, there must be thousands of entries each year, but I am loving the challenge and experience.

I am about three quarters of the way through my double page LO (which is my third of the four projects). I will need to finish the Mini album by Friday if I want to get the entry posted off in time. NO PRESSURE! I was hoping to be able to use the new BG Infuse PP's, but it may be wishful thinking that they will be in little old Bunbury in time. I have my fingers crossed though! Well, speaking of scrapping, I should go and finish that double LO. Just have to do the journaling and tizzy it up a bit and it will be done.


S4L First Birthday Celebrations

It is now July, and the S4L First Birthday Celebrations are about to kick off. There is so much happening from classes to swaps, challenges and Bingo. Busy! Busy! Check out the Forum for more details. I can now also reveal the sneak peaks from the Advent Calendar Class I will be doing on Saturday the 21st of July.
Sneak Peek 1 - S4L DT

Sneak Peek 2 - S4L DT OLC

The sneak peeks for all of the online classes are available now in the Forum Album. There is some fantastic stuff - real teasers. So if you have a few spare scrapping $$$, I highly recommend attending a class. Remember though that you will need to be registered to enter the chat room. Hope to see you there!

On A Roll

I have been scrapping up a storm over the last week and a half. I can't believe it has been that long since my last post - what a slack blogger I am.

Firstly finished off my projects for RJR. There are a couple of sneak peeks available on the RJR blog now. Can't wait to see the rest of the DT's creations. I think the first moth is soooo exciting. So I can now reveal them here.

Sneak Peek 1 - RJR DT Layout

Sneak Peek 2 - RJR DT Layout

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Is It Really Wednesday Already?!

I simply cannot believe that half the week has gone already! What a whirlwind of a week we have had. And it doesn't seem to matter how much "home time" I try to schedule in - I don't seem to be getting on top of the housework this week. Grrrrrr! What can you do? Gotta scrap, gotta clean - what would you choose?

Anyway, I have gotten through my projects for Jenny at RJR. I am really pleased with how all of them have turned out. Can't wait to share them, but we will all just have to be patient. I will definately post when they make it up onto the RJR blog.

I also got my DT pack from Shelley at Scrapbooking 4 Less today. I am teaching an online-class making an Advent Calendar for Shelley's Christmas in July First Birthday Celebrations. What a month July is going to be! Busy, busy busy! There are heaps of Classes, challenges, swaps and all sorts of fun and games going on. Check it all out on Shelley's Forum.

I shall be locking myself away, busily cutting, sticking, gluing and painting for the next couple of days. I aim to have the advent calendar finished by the weekend, but we will see how that goes. Might have to organise a scrap night with some girlfriends for the end of the week. Mmmmm . . . chocolate! That's it on the scrapping front.

In some exciting family news - we had Henry's Kindy interview with the Principal at the local private school yesterday. Henry was on his very best behaviour and suitably impressed the boss! We were so proud of how he conducted himself. He was confident, polite, used his manners without being reminded and was generally a model child. He even cried when we left. Poor little guy - he actually thought that he had already turned four and was off to Kindy that day!

But when Dave and the Principal worked out that they had attended the same PSA boy's school in Perth (albeit 20 years apart) we basically rubber-stamped it there and then. Nothing like Old Boys doing each other favours.

Well, that's about it from me tonight. But it is so cold I am afraid that if I stop typing, my fingers will freeze to the keyboard!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Weekend Update

We have had a lovely weekend, mostly taken up by Henry wanting to use his new found skill of bike riding. He is doing really well. Still with training wheels of course, but biking nonetheless.

So we have taken a couple of family bike rides which have been a lot of fun. I am a terrible scrapper though, as I have forgotten the camera each time we have gone out!

I have been doing more secret scrapping, with more to come, as I am expecting my DT pack from Shelley at Scrapbooking 4 Less any day now. That is going to be a big job, but I am so looking forward to it.

I got some exciting news today - I submitted the Music Box to the Basic Grey Gallery and to my utter amazement they accepted it and have put it on their site. Click Here to see it. You had better be quick though, as I wanted to use it for my SM Masters entry and may have to ask BG to remove it if SM consider it to be a prior publication. We will have to wait and see.

I think that's about all for today. I am going to try and skulk off to the scrap room again . . . .

Friday, June 15, 2007

Secret Scrapping

Well, I have been madly scrapping over the last 24 hours since receiving my DT pack from Jenney at RJR. I have finished part one - a LO. Sorry - no peeking! I can post it when Jenny has put it on the RJR Blog.

I still have an OTP to go. Quite excited about doing that one, only I haven't decided which photos to use yet. Will have to have a think about that one. Maybe I can take some over the weekend that will work.

I have been madly gathering supplies in a misguided attempt to do my Masters for SM magazine. I will see how I go. Submissions are due in Sydney by 13th July, so there is still a little time left.

Right, well that is about it. I will just leave you with a photo I took today. It was really "under exposed" on the camera, but I had a play in PSPX and think it looks quite cute.

Anyone for Tennis?

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Scrap-a-di-doo-dah Day!

Wohoo - I just received my first DT Pack from Jenny at Really Just Ribbons. What a wicked colour combo. My first DT pack from RJR
BTW -This is how I am storing my ribbons now. Those dolly clothes pins were only $2.50/pk 24 at the local discount varety store. Don't they look cute?!

Not at all what I expected - not that I really knew what to expect. can't wait to get stuck into it.

I popped into town to get some coordinating PP's from my LSS and when I got home, what was in the letter box, but the newest SC Mag. What a scrappy day I have had. I shall have to top it off this evening with some actual scrapping. LOL!

Well, in order to do that, I really should hop off the computer now and get some housework done. BORING!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Plodding Along

We had a pretty good day today considering the kids woes. Henry is not coping to well with the blisters in his mouth - as you would expect. We are having to be fairly particular about what he eats as anything too acidic - like fruit - or overly sugary is sending him through the roof. Like most males though I truly believe he exaggerates his pain level. Every five minutes he is saying "I need go dock-er" meaning doctor of course. He is already going though a crying-at-the-drop-of-a-hat stage, so any little bump in the road compounds this.

Grace is coping exceptionally well, and just copying her brother! So if he is upset that his juice is hurting his mouth, she also comes over crying wanting an alternative beverage!

Being the responsible parent that I am, I kept them home from Tuesday Club (my weekly crop). The kids go into the creche for two hours and I get some quality scrap time. Though I have been known to just sit with my fave scrap mag and a coffee, and gossip for two hours! So anyway, I am seriously hanging out for some non-cyber adult time - uuhmm . . . I mean the scrapping type of course.

I did manage to get this LO done today though. It's one of those designs that took ages too come together, as I had no idea how I wanted it to look before I started. I am pretty happy with the result though.
Journalling Reads: @ 3 you are completely obsessed with the "cars" movie. Although I hadn't realised how much until you told me "Mum- Lightning McQueen is my best friend". What fun you must have inside your imagination, Henry.

I popped the kids at their little table with some new markers and colouring book, and Bob-the-Builder on the laptop on the spare bed. They were content for a few . . . minutes. That little table set me up with 2 priceless moments today though:

  1. I was trying to convince Henry to have a sleep while Grace was down, thinking that the rest would help his body heal - well that was how I put it to him anyway. So on about the 15th attempt, I said to him: "Henry - I really think you need to go and have a sleep" to which he casually sat on the table and replied (as only a three year old can: "OK . . . Tell me why?" :)
  2. When Grace had woken up from her sleep, she was pottering around doing her own thing, when I noticed the sound of purposeful pitter-patter between her bedroom and the scrap room. I looked up to see the scene depicted in these photos. She had brought the teddy and the wipes from her room. It was just so funny how much purpose was behind her actions.
Yes, she is wiping teddy's bottom!LOL
Just one of those delightful spontaneous moments