Friday, June 15, 2007

Secret Scrapping

Well, I have been madly scrapping over the last 24 hours since receiving my DT pack from Jenney at RJR. I have finished part one - a LO. Sorry - no peeking! I can post it when Jenny has put it on the RJR Blog.

I still have an OTP to go. Quite excited about doing that one, only I haven't decided which photos to use yet. Will have to have a think about that one. Maybe I can take some over the weekend that will work.

I have been madly gathering supplies in a misguided attempt to do my Masters for SM magazine. I will see how I go. Submissions are due in Sydney by 13th July, so there is still a little time left.

Right, well that is about it. I will just leave you with a photo I took today. It was really "under exposed" on the camera, but I had a play in PSPX and think it looks quite cute.

Anyone for Tennis?


Vikki B said...

This is fab, Pippa. It looks great and sounds just like you!! IYKWIM??!! Have fun with your new ribbon pack- lucky bugger you!!


deirdre said...

Fantastic photo Pippa, looks great!