Sunday, June 10, 2007

What A Weekend!

My mum came to visit for the weekend - she lives two hours away in Perth. It is always great to see her, and the kids love having her around. She loves to go to the local handmade candy store here in Bunbury called Taffy's (Wish I could link that, but they don't have a website) and buy up a bunch of treats. Of course this means that we all eat way too much and put on about 15 kilos overnight!

Gracie had great fun with the milkshake that Grammy bought for her at Taffy's. Actually she did really well until we got to Coles to get groceries, and decided to tip the bright green liquid all over herself and the floor. Has anyone else ever had to walk through a busy supermarket with a green child? Mortifying!

Poor Henry burst into tears when Grammy said it was time for her to leave. I nearly did the same. It is the first time that he has done that really. I think at three it is dawning on him that the distance means that he doesn't get to see her nearly as much as he would like.

So, we have discovered that Henry most likely has Chicken Pox. I am going to take him to the doctor in the morning to be sure though. I am gathering that if it is CP, that Grace will get it too. Dave and I have both had it as kids. I am not really looking forward to the next couple of weeks.The kids and I don't do well with being housebound for too long. Oh well, hopefully I will get a bit of scrapping down.

I will have to update to see when we see what the doctor says tomorrow.

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Shazz said...

hi pippa....that music box is just are such a clever chook.
i hope that the kids don't suffer too much from the CP if that is indeed what they have. my three never had them and as a result were immunised a few years ago.
i must admit i had a chuckle at the green child walking through the supermarket