Monday, September 10, 2007

Someone is Smiling on Me

I can't believe it is nearly two weeks since my last post! I must be keeping busy. Ain't that the truth?

After Tuesday Club last week, I went into a brand new LSS (only open two weeks) to get some supplies for this week's class. Got chatting to the girls and they offered me a job teaching! I am stoked, I can't think of anything better! So I teach my first class on the 21st of this month. I can't wait! Here is a pic of the LO we will be doing. It is a beginners class, so I have tried to cover a few techniques:

I have borrowed Ruth's Cuttlebug while she is in Tassie (that's why I am doing the Tuesday Club classes). What an incredible little contraption! Those felt letters were done on it. A tip though - they are very fiddly, so I suggest mounting the felt on a thin piece of chippy before running through the Cuttlebug.

I will share the TC LO when it is finished. I have a couple of steps that I am actually going to do in the class. It is a BOY LO though which was fun. I seem to have been doing a lot of girly stuff lately.

So on with the busy story. I applied for a nightfill position at our local Coles Supermarket a couple of months back. Just wanted a bit of fun money and the hours are perfect. Anyway, they called on on Tuesday to arrange an intervew for Thursday. Long story short - I got that position too. It will take a few weeks with the lengthy induction process. Suits me though as I can organise my life! Not sure how I will go with the physical work and late nights, but I am looking forward to the challenge.

I have also been doing some scrapping for RJR and expecting my Monthly Scrap Pack from S4L any minute now. Busy, busy, busy! Just the way I like it.