Saturday, January 5, 2008

Time To Share

OK, I know I promised to share the Masters Projects but I have been totally slack and haven't re-photographed them. I will do that as soon as I leave the computer - PROMISE!

But I do have something else to share that I am a bit excited about. This is a chipboard mini album for a 2 Devils class. I have actually made it for my mum for her 5oth birthday (which was actually last week), but mum will get to keep it when the classes have finished. IYKWIM.

I am just so pleased with how this has turned out. If you happen to be in the Bunbury area at 12:30 on the 18th of January (not really likely I know) but I would love to see you!

I have also completed a LO and a canvas for the Kids School Holiday classes. But they needed the finishing touches so I didn't want to photograph them - I NEED A CUTTLEBUG!!! :( Oh well, there is always Mother's Day lol.
That's all for today folks, I will share again soon

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year . . . . What a Ride!

How was your Christmas and new year? Hopefully a little more relaxed than ours. It was probably one of the busiest we have ever had - and I am including the one where we moved from Sydney to Perth - LOL. In the week leading up to Christmas we had a trip to Perth (2 hours) to do the Christmas Shopping, Grace's Party, Grace's Birthday and A funeral (in Perth). Then Christmas Day a Boxing day Scorcher (40 degrees), and on the Saturday after Christmas yet another trip to Perth for my Mum's Birthday! Yikes - that looks even busier when you type it all out - LOL!

In that time though I actually managed to get some scrapping done (belive it or not!). I actually made a canvas for each of the grandmothers for Christmas presents. I am really happy with how they turned out.

This is the one I made for my mum. The one for my MIL was the same, but the title was "Adore". This was the first time in ages that I was able to scrp just for myself - no DT, no class prototype, just for me. It felt great.

Not that I am able to rest on my laurels though. I have a tonne class work to get through for 2D's and my DT Pack from Jennr at RJR has arrived. Can't wait to get stuck in to that little ripper!

So in other exciting news - I HAVE FINALLY BEEN PUBLISHED!!!! Yes it actually happened. You may remember some months back that I entered into the Scrapbooking Memories Masters, I am not sure if I blogged that I had made it to the top 100, but there you go! The Mag came out on Friday, ant there was a LO from little old me in the Honourable Mentions Gallery! I'm stoked! and thatnks to girls from the Scrppin' Bitz Yahoo Group for pointing it out. I'd have had no idea otherwise. But what that means is that I am finally able to share my masters projects . . . in my next update :) You see I have just gone to upload the photos to share, and realised that they were taken in rather a hurry, so I need to tweak them before they are ready to upload - tomorrow I promise!