Saturday, January 5, 2008

Time To Share

OK, I know I promised to share the Masters Projects but I have been totally slack and haven't re-photographed them. I will do that as soon as I leave the computer - PROMISE!

But I do have something else to share that I am a bit excited about. This is a chipboard mini album for a 2 Devils class. I have actually made it for my mum for her 5oth birthday (which was actually last week), but mum will get to keep it when the classes have finished. IYKWIM.

I am just so pleased with how this has turned out. If you happen to be in the Bunbury area at 12:30 on the 18th of January (not really likely I know) but I would love to see you!

I have also completed a LO and a canvas for the Kids School Holiday classes. But they needed the finishing touches so I didn't want to photograph them - I NEED A CUTTLEBUG!!! :( Oh well, there is always Mother's Day lol.
That's all for today folks, I will share again soon

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NikJustNik said...

Pippa this is gorgeous... Your mum will love it!!! Wish I was close to Bunbury... I would so stop in...