Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Enough's Enough

I have just confirmed my long held belief that I am in fact the world's worst (or best depending on your take) procastinator! Have you seen the date on my last post? What a disgrace. I am sure if I were to look back on the other posts in this blog, every second one would start with me berating myself for being a total slacko!

So I hereby turn over a new leaf. Even if I feel I have nothing of value to say, I will post a quote (possibly one of the many pearls that pop out of the kids mouths LOL) or SOMETHING. And what is the first rule of Goal Setting? Be specific - no more ambiguty here folks. No more "I will post more regularly" What does that mean? Specifically: I WILL POST AT LEAST THREE TIME A WEEK.

Right, I feel much better now. So on with the news :)

A couple of developments - I am no longer an AVON rep. It has been just over a year now and I am starting to lose my motivation. And thanks to DH for his astounding vote of confidence when I announced this decision to him: "Oh well, it lasted longer than I thought it would". Gee thanks babe! Still love the products, but I am going to find it difficult to pay full price again. LOL. Same thing happened when I gave up hairdressing actually. I still hate paying to get my hair done.

I have also come to the realisation that I am going to have to go back to work. I am still completely confused and hurt as to how this has come about. How can it be? I am going to go on a rant now, but please bear with me. We have a mortgage that is less than $200k, own both of our cars, have no credit card or personal debt, DH is 4 year university trained, almost at the top of his profession (and believe me we do not lead an extavegant lifestyle). . . and yet we are stuggling to come through each and every pay cycle? Oh that's right, DH is a Teacher. If this wasnt our second home (in that we have equity) we would be one paycheck away from homeless. . .

Believe me this is not about careless money management. We budget for bills so that they are expected and covered when they arrive. We do have a few luxuries of course - Internet, foxtel (which I might add was paid in advance by some extra responsibilities that DH took on)

The cost of living here in WA (and I expect elswhere in Australia) is rising it seems by the day. And yet our treasured teachers are hacving to beg the government to give them a payrise that JUST meets the CPI. I bet that those working in the resources sector are not having to ddo this - or the MP's making the decisions for that matter. "We feel like a 12% pay rise so we shall jolly well have one". Don't you think that our MP's should be petitioning us, their employers, next time they want a pay rise?

Well that is my rant, and you know what . . . I'm not sorry :)

Check back soon


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