Friday, November 27, 2009

Lost in Translation . . . .

My funny little DS5 has just come home from school. They have been rehearsing for their Christmas Nativity play. He is humming and singing away to himself in his beautiful tuneful little voice:

DS5: "They neltchered him, they welsh-dipped him, that precious little boy . . . . "

What's that now? I don't remember anything in the Christmas story about anybody welsh dipping the baby Jesus???? I don't even know what welsh dipping is . . .

Wait a minute

Me: "Is that: They nurtured him, they worshipped him?"

DS5: "Oh, Yeah!"

Well, I guess kids really do say the darndest things!
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janis said...

this made me laugh!!!! what a cute story to tell!!!!!

Rochelle said...

Oh please don't make me laugh so much it still hurts!!! Very funny stuff!

Shaz said...

I have to tell you that I googled "welsh dipping" - do the same and you'll find its a type of infection gotten from a welsh person that you dont want to acquire!! (use your imagination, I wont post the details...!)