Monday, November 30, 2009

Challenge blog with a difference

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A new challenge blog has been born from a discussion at a scrap night.

We scrappers know that our craft takes us on a certain "artistic journey". Well the new Scrap Wrecks blog is all about taking a lighthearted look at how far we've come. SO if you fancy have a giggle (at yourself) why not check it out. The first challenge will be posted in January, which should give us all plenty of time to dig out those old albums and and have a laugh. 

Are you brave enough to share your scrapwrecks???

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Cookie Aguilar said...

hi Pippa!!! wow thanks for the blog visit!!! love looking at your work too!!! specially that BNB mini in your previous post. its gorgeous!!! looking forward to working with you soon!!! im so excited!!!


janis said...

hi pippa!!! scrapwrecked? i soooo love the idea behind this!!! just brilliant!!!!

thanks also for sending positive health vibes to my dear sonny!!! meant a lot to me!!!!