Sunday, November 15, 2009

From Life
So my baby princess girl is turning 4 in a few weeks (so sad!), but as her actual Birthday is two days before Christmas, we have never got around to throwing her a proper party.

Not this year though. It is all she can talk about. Who is coming to her party . . . what she is wearing to her party . . . the music at her party . . . the food at her party you get the picture.

We're going for a "Pretty In Pink" theme. No surprises that it is the little princess's favoutie colour! I have been inspired by the colours of strawberry and watermelon, and in a crazed fit of (i suspect) pre-mentrual OCD I have put together a digital photoboard. Just to collate my ideas you understand. And I am telling myself it's premenstrual - and believing it! - or else I am afraid there is no hope for me!
From Life
So this is an idea of colours, decorations, menu THE cake (LOL) etc.

We have been collecting supplies over the last few weeks and I think I have finally settled on a date at the end of this month. Setting a deadline . . . Grrrrrrr! Can't I just go on planning the party forever??? We'll see how it all plays out anyway. . . Stay Tuned!


jodie said...

Martha Stewart! Eat your heart out! Hehehe...i love parties like this so much better than a HJs job xx

Shaz said...

I'd love to see the end result of that cake! Hope she has a wonderful time!