Thursday, August 27, 2009

Stash and Treasure

I had the realisation this week that I am acquiring "stuff" faster than I can use it! So, I am challenging myself to use my stash! And though scaled back in recent months, it is still ample LOL.

I found a great way of using up my bits and pieces, on particular the stuff that I am not in love with anymore, but can't bring myself to give to the kids for their "scrapping".

As well as scrapbooking gear, I also collect recipes. So here I have combined the two and made recipe cards (which will eventually go in my yet to be completed recipe tin).

The trick, in my mind at least, is to not be too fussy or artistic. I mean, I am only going to be looking at them when I am cooking that particular recipe - so as long as they are somewhat respectable looking, I'm happy ☺

I knocked over ten of these in about an hour. You may notice that I was so hasty that I didn't even let the glue dry before putting them in their little pockets LOL

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