Thursday, August 13, 2009

Photo A Day {Thursday}

Well, you may have noticed a change in the format of my blog. I have spent untold hours today getting it just right :P If you want to get some gorgeous free blog candy, as well as helpful tips to get it all working head over to Shabby Blogs . Seriously cool

And now the photo of the day:

From Life

From Life

I think every Mum in Australia probably bought these lollypops last week! 100 Lollypops for $1! That is a whole lot of leverage for mums nation wide. Thank you Coles!!!!

What I really wish I had photographed today was the dreadlocked, hippie clothed, patchouli smelling lady I saw in the health food store today. She was every bit the stereotypical tree-hugging earthmother. But guess what folks? She was carrying her groceries in PLASTIC SHOPPING BAGS! Oh well, I guess we can't all be perfect all of the time LOL!

1 comment:

jodie said...

what!!! I didn't know any thing about lollipops on special...probably a good thing seeing as i have a bit of a sweet tooth myself.

LOVE your new blog look,(loved your old one too though) Love the little signature thingy, will have to look into that myself i think