Sunday, August 16, 2009

Photo A Day {Sunday} and LO's to Share

OK, So I missed Saturday - big Whoop!!!! LOL. Never mind, I think though that I am going continue on with this challenge. It's a lot of fun and sort of helps to open your eyes to the ordinary and everyday things that are actually quite special :) So here is today's photo:

From Life

Just a cute little set of Russian Dolls that we picked up for DD3 at the Queen Victoria Markets in Melbourne. A few of the pieces have been missing, but they have had a family reunion this week :)

And now the scrapping:

This one is for this month's Scrap the Girls challenge. Sort of commemorates the year so far of just DD3 and I at home together this year. Just couldn't seem to fit the journalling in though - DOH!

And this one is for Aussie Scrap Jack. There are two really great scrappers to Jack this month. If I'm honest though, I really struggled pulling this one together and still not sure if I'm all that happy with it :{

From Blog Bits


Rochelle said...

Beautiful layouts Pippa. I think the one of Henry is great! Its a really hard jack this month don't you think? cheers

jodie said...

LOVE the babushka dolls!! Have you checked out Kate Mason's blog (there's a link from mine) she does these mixed media canvases of babushkas and sells them on etsy...they are soooo devine!

Love the LOs too, the photo of you and DD3 is beautiful.