Monday, August 17, 2009

Photo A Day {Monday}

From Life

Introducing my sweet boy Banjo. He's our #2 baby, turning 8 in a few weeks time :) We were looking for a friend/mate for our #1 baby Molly. We took a visit to our local pet shop, and there he was. Last of his litter and seemed a lot older than the other pups there. He was also on special LOL (as in marked down, reduced, on sale).

The sales assistant took him out of his little glass cabinet and put him in the play pen. He ran round and round in circles and couldn't stop peeing himself! We thought he was adorable.

We told the sales assistant we were going to have a think about it, got in the car and only as far as the end of the car park driveway, we turned around, went back and took him home :)

BTW, he still does his "pony circles" and pees himself. Adorable at 12 weeks, at 8yo - not so much LOL.

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