Saturday, October 3, 2009

Weeding Fever

Thanks to the miracle of modern medicine, I spent the entire day weeding today - and I loved every minute of it. Weird huh?

Let me start from the beginning :) I have been feeling a bit icky for the last couple of days. As is my usual plan of action when I'm sick, I just ignore it and hope it will go away. But unlike the norm, I had been getting progressively worse. So at four o'clock this morning, unable to swallow without crying out in pain and fighting a fever :( I trundled off to the hospital, leaving the family sleeping peacefully.

Turns out I have a raging case of tonsillitis/pharyngitis. I mean the doctor actually used the word pustules! Eeewwww!!! I feel slightly vindicated though. You know how you are never really quite sure if you are just being a big baby in a "Is this really as bad as I think it is???" kind of way?

Lovely, lovely doctor prescribed some lovely, lovely medication and was feeling normal (if not slightly high - gotta love those Panedine Forte LOL) in no time.

So back to the weeding. It was a really beautiful morning, so after getting dosed up on pain killers, antibiotics and steroids (the medicated not anabolic type LOL) I thought a bit of sunshine would do me good. So why not do some weeding, I mean we haven't done any all winter, right? And the result:

From Life

I came in to shower, make lunch and have a little rest. Then went back out until it got too dark. Now usually I am not a very committed gardner. I hate getting my hands dirty - no really! So I put it down to the pink gloves LOL.

A slightly amusing post script though. I didn't realise until I came in this evening that this was the state of the shorts I was wearing - no, I know about the bleach stains. At the risk of sounding terribly vulgar; check out the crotch :$

From Life

Erotic gardening wear? I think not! It actually doesn't look as bad in that photo as it is irl. I mean that baby was wide open! Sorry, vulgar again. Thank God I was only doing the back yard!!!!

Mmmm, perhaps the medication is having a stronger effect than I first though ROFLOL!

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Rochelle said...

Gotta love those pants! I'm having a little quiet giggle to myself here!!!

jodie said...

that docs got you on some good stuff Pip hehehehe