Sunday, March 20, 2011

What's Your Laundry Ritual?

For most of us it's not our favourite household duty but all we aspiring domestic goddesses have our own way of doing laundry. Our own systems (or lack thereof) that vary depending on the size of the family and the time at hand. What's your ritual?

I don't find the ritual of the laundry particularly rewarding. Its NEVERENDING! I'm either washing it, hanging it, bring it in, folding, sorting, hanging, ironing or putting it away. And then it starts all over again. Now I realise that our grandmothers had it a lot tougher, and that really we shouldn't complain with our automatic washing machines and dryers. But . . . well . . . . No I got nothing!

That said, I do have my favourite products and methods.

For starters, I wash clothes on the weekends, with a couple of incidental loads of towels and stuff during the week. I just find this fits in with life at the moment.

Spray, spray, spray with Preen Oxyaction Max. I love this stuff! I probably go through one refill a week. Fantastic for all those greasy mystery stains. You know the ones that are still there after you've washed, dried, sorted and folded.

Everybody's whites are separated and soaked together overnight in Napisan Oxyaction. This is great for avoiding that greying that can happen when whites are washed with the rest of the load.
PS I have tried other varieties of soakers, but this is the best. I can't explain why, but it just is :) I also pop a capful in the machine with each load (colours too)

 What I'm washing with at the moment is Nutrimetics Nutriclean Laundry Liquid. I really like this stuff. It is a much thinner, clear blue detergent than you might get at the supermarket. It's very concentrated so you don't need a lot. And it has this lovely light fragrance which oddly doesn't stay in the fabric after washing. The laundry smells clean, but not fragrant. Which to my mind mean that it has completely rinsed outo f the fabric. That has to be a good thing, right? And best of all, none of that crusty detergent residue left on the clean items that then either have to be hand sponged or re-washed.

And then there's this
From Life

I know you are going to think I am insane, but this actually make ironing bearable, no enjoyable. Yes I said it! But here's why. I actually get a result that looks like the garment has been ironed. And ironing time becomes "me" time. I get a few of my fave TV shows on the planner and just zone out. It's actually kinda fun for me. And then there's the sense of achievement when (for a split second before they get worn anyhow) you stand back and admire a closet full of lovely pressed clothes.

So, I know it's only laundry, but anything that makes it easier or more enjoyable has got to be good . . . right?


Anonymous said...

haha, is that me in the first photo, cos you know i STILL haven't got a proper clothes line and we've only been living here for THREE years! my clothes line is rope strung between the fence and shed...and i'm sure i have just as much as that woman too lol...

Anonymous said...

Domestic goddess I feel you pain but alas have no offerings to help you in any way .... all i can say is gods speed my love xxxx