Saturday, May 29, 2010

Kuler Challenge

When I was playing around with kuler yesterday, this is the scheme that got me really excited

From Kuler

From Kuler

NB// The colour on the end isn't black, it's actually a really deep grape.

I just love it. So it' going to be what I base my next scrapping project on this week. If you want to come and play with me too I'd love to see your project. It doesn't have to be scrappy, it could be anything crafty! Just leave a link to your blog post/online gallery image in the comments on this post so I can see what you have created. Tell your friends! I'd love to see how these colours inspire the crafty ones out there :)

On an instructional note, Amy has asked how I get the images from kuler. Our main computer at  home is a Mac. I use a screen capture program called Grab. I can take a "photo" of a selection of what is displayed on screen, save it as a TIFF, then open it in a photo editing program to crop and add text.

On a PC the only way I know of is to do a screen cap (Ctrl+Print Screen) then paste (Ctrl+V) into a blank Publisher document. In publisher 2007, you can crop the image using the image tool bar, then right click and select "save as image". This will save just the image as an independent file.

Hope this helps Amy :)


Sharon said...

I dont have publisher so I do a screen capture, then save it to paint, crop and save it in my pictures. It automatically loads into picasa as well so I can work from there with it too. Just a tip if you dont have publisher

Amy said...

thanks so much!!

can't wait to see what you do with that beautiful color scheme :)