Sunday, February 14, 2010

Playing along: "My Place & Yours - Kitchen Love"

I went for a visit to Jodie Z's blog today and fell in love with the pics she posted of her kitchen for My Place & Yours. Check it out Jodie's oh-so-cutsie-cute kitchen here:)

So I thought I would play along too. The theme this week is "Kitchen Love". So basically take photos of what you love in your kitchen and post your link here.

I adore the whole shabby chic thing that many of the girls that have already posted have got going on, but it's not my personal style as you will see. Though I do have a few quirky little pieces from my Grandmother that take pride of place. So here is a little tour of my kitchen:

The Big Picture

From Life

From Life

I love having the outlook from the kitchen to the backyard. Makes it easy to potter about and still keep a watchful eye on the kidlets. When we were looking for a house design to build I used to joke that I wanted a "Command Centre". I think that's what I got :)

Favourite Things

From Life

Recipe Books: Including one very full and disorganised collection of recipes, printed off from the net which I have then stuffed into the purple display folder. What can I say? It's a compustion! I should mention that there are blank sleeves in the back of the folder, but I can't be bothered with that so they just get thrown in the front LOL. One day I will make them pretty and file them in the custom recipe tin I made for that purpose. I'm also considering the irony of having the Nigella cookbook sitting right on top of the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet book :$

From Life

iPod (with speakers): Great for dinner parties, scrap nights and just much easier to do housework while rocking out to a favourite tune or three :)

From Life

The Fridge: Always covered with artwork, shopping lists, bills, school notes and fingerprints. But it looks colourful right?

From Life

The Pantry: Could do with being a bit bigger actually LOL. Complete with little person in the shot, and one of the quirky items I mentioned earlier. That step/stool came from my grandmother's kitchen. It was made by her brother-in-law and I remember spending many hours at my grandma's side on that step, watching and helping her cook. And now my kids do the same with me. It's still steady as a rock by the way:)

From Life

Mmmmmm, coffee: Don't get me started. I think every home should have one of these! Bye-bye instant, helllloooo flavour! That said I have been weaning myself off the strong stuff at breakfast and opting for iced water during the summer. But come winter . . . . look out!

From Life

Marble pastry board and rolling pin: Again inherited from my grandmother's kitchen. I had to wait about seven years to have a kitchen with enough bench space to handle it though LOL. Wouldn't be without it. So handy! In fact, just used it for pizza dough on Friday night. Perfecto!

From Life

Loves of my life: Yep! My dishwasher. I seriously sometimes wonder how I lived without it. Absolute torture while we were building this house as the rental that we were living in didn't have a DW, but we bought this one before we moved in. So it sat out in the shed for about 6 months! In it's box! Not being used! Oh and the ridiculously expensive bin. Well, sometimes a girl just needs a bit of bling. Even if it does hold food scraps and smelly cat food tins? Right???

Well, that's about it folks, and if you're still here 'til now you deserve a freakin' medal LOL!


Susan L (lily40au) said...

you have the most gorgeous kitchen .. and I love the shiny black splash back tiles with the silver. it's a wonderful combination.

Jackie said...

Definitely a gorgeous kitchen! That marble pastry board is wonderful and I would love a walk in Pantry.

tong said...

I am drooling over you marble pastry board!! It's definitely something I need to get one day.

Amanda said...

Your kitchen is lovely - I love all those red appliances!

em.s said...

i am a Donna Hay freak! Every time that damn magazine comes out I wanna redecorate! If only we had a reasonably kitchen, i would show off my wares...:)