Thursday, February 11, 2010

Oh My . . . What a Find!

I am sooo excited! I have just had a visit to our local little thrift (op) shop! I was in there scouting for materials for my friend Jodie's very gorgeous Etsy shop (you should see what this girl can do with an old lace table cloth!) I digress, while I was fossicking around I stumbled across this board game:

From Life

Not sure if anyone is familiar with this game, but my family were SORRY! mad back in the day. My late grandmother in particular was a board game nut! I can remember spending hours at her breakfast bar or dining table with one game or another (Game of Life, Careers, Ginger Megs to name a few). But this one was the old trusty. In fact I remember Grandma contacting the makers of the game to order new cards and pieces (often!). We just kept wearing them out LOL.

From Life

From Life

And so here am I introducing yet another generation of the family to this fun and - might I add educational game. Just seems so fitting though as this Tuesday just gone would have been Grandma's 87th birthday. Happy Birthday Grandma!


jodie said...

oh my goodness brother and i LOVED that game!!! i had totally forgotten all about it until now!

Any chance of throwing it in with the doilies????


And yep, i'll take them all by the way...but i don't want to take the fabric if Grace really has her heart set on it, i'm not that mean lol

auzzie_rix said...

This Grammy was also totally addicted to this game... I am glad to see my grandbabbies playing it too ;)
Happy birthday mum ....
Great find baby ;) Hope you wear this one out too *lololol*

Kiwi The Kreator said...

Your kitchen...AWWWWWESOOOOOME!!!! And, we love SORRY around here!!!! I LOVE that vintage version!!!