Monday, June 29, 2009

Sleeping Beauties

Poor little girl. She's sporting a nasty cold, didn't get much sleep last night and her mean Mum dragged her into work for a boring, grown up meeting. It all got a bit too much, and after constant nagging, badgering and whining didn't work she had to resort to a full sobbing tantrum to get her Mum to leave.

On the 10 minute drive home, the sobbing started again because "It's just so far to our home!"

Much distress then when Mum had to stop at the supermarket to pick up a couple of things for dinner. But on the promise of a new lip gloss happiness was restored - ever so briefly.

After much debate, Mum finally agrees to buy the three pack of lip gloss just to keep the peace and onward we trek to collect the rest of the groceries. Due to extreme weather (and monthly!) conditions, mum is in dire need of some chocolate comfort and so the lolly aisle is visited. At which point DD3 decides lip gloss is not going to cut it and goes for lollies instead.

"So we will put the lip gloss back then?"

"Yes, I want a lolly"

Brilliant! Three pack of lip gloss $10, Hello Kitty novelty candy $2.95. What a coup! And happy little girl to boot.

We drive into the garage, which happens to be the exact point at which she is finishing candy.

"Did you remember my lipstick Mum?"

"We got a lolly instead remember?"

*POUT*, *throw hello kitty on floor of car*, *dissolve into tears of hopelessness*.

Mum carries her to bed amid screams of frustration and fury.

The storm outside is brewing also and I decide to bring the animals in. The leg-lifter goes to the garage. And the other one? Well here is my chance for a little peace and quiet. I let her into the storm inside. Open the bedroom door. *Jump**LICK*KISS*The crying stops.

"Can puppy sleep on your bed? She's cold and scared from the storm. Will you look after her?"

A little smile creeps onto her blotchy tear-streaked face.

"OK Mum"

And in a few moments . . . this . . . .
From Life

What she doesn't know is that the lip glosses did make it into the shopping basket. To use as leverage for when we have to do it all again on Wednesday :)


Anonymous said...

Molly the tantrum fixer!! Hehe not missing Grace moods!!

jodie said...

awww...what a happy ending to the story...gorgeous photo too Pip xxjodie

Rochelle said...

So sweet! Good job Molly!