Thursday, June 18, 2009

Great Day!

I've had one of those days today where I feel really satisfied that I have used every minute available to me. Here's how it went (condensed version):
  • Drop DS to school
  • Drive 15 Kms to take DH his lunch (it's OK, I was going in to town anyway)
  • Return 15 down lights to Bunnings for refund
  • Pick up reinker for stamp pad needed to complete Scrappin' Bitz swap
  • Get flat packed storage units for kids rooms from Howards (my new favourite store!)
  • Buy correct lights from specialist lighting store
  • Now home!
  • Remove 11 tiny twinkler down lights from home theatre 32 course ceiling using only dodgy kitchen step (not recommended!)
  • Install 11 new tiny twinkler lights using only dodgy kitchen step - btw DO NOT TOUCH THE GLASS in case they blow up when you flick the switch!
  • Now replace odd globes in remainder of house seeing as the dodgy step is in use anyway :)
  • Remove shelf from kitchen cabinet recess to allow very sexy new bin from Howards to slide right in.
  • Now, flat packed storage unit assembly . . . hmmmmm . . . have hammer, will hit stuff! Times 2.
  • Mmm . . . rest of kids rooms now need organising to match lovely new units. Ditch, keep, vaccuum . . .
  • Better eat some lunch. Leftovers again?!
  • Now stuff 50 envelopes with payslips, timesheets and newsletters. Coach 3yo DD on finer points of applying postage stamps :)
  • Post said letters
  • Lovely new car interior is looking very shabby with bits of food, crumbs, sand and grass, shoes, clothing, fast food packaging. Time for a detail. Ditch, vacuum, windows - good!
  • Have a look at rest of house - Total disaster! Sweep, wipe, spray, wash - nice!
  • Welcome home 5yo DS who has enjoyed a play over at a mate's house since being picked up by said mate's mum after school.
  • Chat to lovely mum of mate for far too long - women! We just don't know when to stop gas-bagging!
  • Dinner - Megs' delicious Slow Cooked Balinese Beef. YUM!
  • Bath Kids, put kids to bed.
  • Blog-a-long while waiting for DH to return (hopefully victorious) from mixed netball.
  • Phew!!!!!
Now, before I start sounding like a self-righteous twat, I suspect that the real reason I have done all this is actually to avoid this

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