Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Guess what, guess what, guess what???????

Got home from swimming lessons with the kids just now to find this on the dining table!

Reckon if Guiness World Records had been here, then there would have been a new parcel opening record! "Lunch, smunch kids - mumma's got a parcel!!!!!

Cannot wait to start creating again!


Rochelle said...

Lunch smunch LOL! Nothing more satisfying than a good parcel to rip apart and drool over!! Can't wait to see what you do with all that yummy stuff Pip!

vikki said...

Lucky duck, sooo jealous!!

Cookie Aguilar said...

Hi!!! wow cant wait to see what you will create with those yummies!!! im so excited to work with you too!!!
loving your blog!!!!

Lynnette Davis said...

You're SO lucky! After I read that you got yours I ran out to the mailbox and watched my mailman start stuffing everyones. (We don't have individual mailboxes on our street, just a few big ones). He said I didn't have anything at all. BUT, as I was walking away I seen him load this big box into the mailbox and kept saying to myself "He has to be wrong! That has to be my B&B stuff!" LOL
So, the second he drove off I ran back there to check it again....it wasn't my box. :( I can't wait!!!!
I wanted to stop by here to invite you to follow my blog http://desperatearmyhousewife.blogspot.com
Can't wait to start working with you on B&B!

Nina said...

it is exciting isn't it Pippa!!