Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Scrapping Stuff

So here are a couple of my most recent projects. These are the ones that represent the"Breaking of the Great Scrapping Drought" LOL

Shopping List Holder

Totally for myself, in a style that I like and for a functional and practical purpose. I had a bit of a personal epiphany at Christmas time while packing up the spare (scrap) room in preparation for guests. I had a whole heap of off the page stuff that served no purpose at all except to look pretty. That in itself is not a bad thing, but how much stuff do I actually need. It was then that I vowed that the only stuff I would make from then on would have a practical purpose - and suit the modern stylings of our home.

So this shopping list holder is an attempt at organisation. That is I should now be jotting down items as I think of them, rather than wasting valuable "child free" time on the morning of shopping day trying to remember what in the world we need! Seems to be working so far. 

"If She Could Talk 2 The Animals"
A Layout for the fabulous White With 1 Challenge Blog. The concept is to create a LO using white as the main colour with one accent colour and one other special element. Could be a word, an embellie whatever. I love this blog, such a great idea - especially for someone like me that prefers to start with a white bg most of the time. This month was white with olive green and birdies.

"Discover: The Wonder of Nature"
And lucky last is a double LO for the Aussie Pub Calls Roadmaps Challenge Blog. This is a sketch blog which I find particularly inspiring. Here is the sketch that this LO was based on - A loose interpretation i think, but I had a lot of fun doing it.

Well, that's it for now. Hope you stop by again soon :)


vikki said...

Yay she's back!!! woohoo! How come your blog looks so cool????
I love the new layout - noice!!

xx Pippa xx said...

Thanks Vik. I actually saw another blog with this kind of thing so I googled "blogger templates notebook" and this is what I found. There are heaps of different styles out there - even scrappy ones!