Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Obsession

I was given flowers for my birthday (Thanks Lee!) earlier in the month and since then I have been addicted to having fresh cut flowers in the house.

I can't believe what a difference they can make to a room. I feel like a total Domestic Goddess when my rooms look like this (see pics). Fresh flowers have the added bonus of bringing the outdoors in. I don't know about you, but I can't help but feel uplifted looking at something this beautiful several times a day. 

But apart from being soul food, cut flowers are such an economical way of adding some style to an otherwise lifeless room. Forget the paint brush and sack the interior decorator! 



No need to be a flower snob and spend a fortune at the florist. These orchids were $9 from Coles. Yes, Coles :) I always keep an eye out on the "chuck outs" as well. Sometimes you can get a real bargain and you will still get a few days out of your flowers.

Oh and that is not an expensive designer vase - it's our wine carafe!

OK so now the next thing is to get some pics on the wall, and then the room will look complete :P



David W said...

wow thats a nice bathroom!!

xx Pippa xx said...

I know - hehe xo

Anonymous said...

stunning photos pip. glad you like the flowers i gave you for your bday and that it has inspired you. xoxo Lee