Saturday, March 6, 2010

I've Been Wrecked!

Cruise on over to Scrap Wrecks and check out their guest wrecker this month (it's me by the way LOL).

If you've not read about Scrap Wrecks before, it's just a really lighthearted look at the creative journey we take as scrapbookers. I'm sure we all have LOs/projects that DON"T get brought out for show and tell. Well, that's what Scrap Wrecks is about. Celebrating the wreckage!

So this month I was brave and shared my creative journey. Here's a little more that didn't make the final edit: (hold on to your hats folks, this could get ugly!)

^One of my very first. Clearly no idea what I was doing!

^The structured, measured approach

^Gaining confidence through scraplifting

^Experimenting with techniques

^Then . . . . .

. . . . And now (a redo of my first submission to Scrap Wrecks :)

This month's challenge is to create a LO using a colour scheme of your choice from kuler. There is a $25 voucher from Mr Turtle for the winner! And you don't even need to bare your wreckage!

I know Shaz will be looking for more guest wreckers. So go on over, enter the challenge and you too could get wrecked!

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Sharon said...

Ah, thanks so much once again Pippa! I have since you last looked put the "ones that didnt make it" onto the blog - just couldn't resist!